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What does your practice do?   Our practice  is a Holistic Healthcare Provider with over 30 years of experience healing the human body.  We will determine the cause of your health issues and develop a protocol to bring your body back into balance.
How do you find out what is wrong with me?  We perform a comprehensive hour-long initial exam.  We check over 190 parts of the body finding energetic imbalances of organs, glands, infections, sleep cycle, and much more.  We use many modalities including Applied Kinesiology, Biofeedback, Bio Cranial, Advanced Chiropractic Care, Neurological Integration, and over 30 years of hands on knowledge.  We examine the body as a whole, instead of focusing on symptoms and is able to get to the root of your overall health issues.  We can locate the cause of your healthcare issues and will develop a protocol to bring your body back into balance.
How many times will I need to be seen?   Each person is different.  The severity of the healthcare issues will depend on how many visits you will need.  We will develop a precise plan that may include nutritional supplements, Advanced Chiropractic Care, Biofeedback, and advice that will help you heal yourself.  Follow up visits will be scheduled based on your individual need.
I was feeling amazing after my initial visit, two weeks later I feel like I am going backwards.  What should I do?   Just one visit is usually not enough to repair the body of years of imbalances.  During your follow up visit we will recheck the original imbalances, determine if anything needs to be changed in your care plan and guide you into a direction of feeling well again.
I have been suffering from a variety of health issues for quite a while, but I cannot afford an hour visit at $355.  We do offer a 30-minute initial exam for $180.  This is not a comprehensive exam but is very effective in determining how to handle your symptoms.
What is ZYTO and how can it help me?  Biofeedback is a computerized system based on lie detector technology.  The nerves in the body end in the hands and feet.  Biofeedback virtually asks your body over a hundred questions per minute and your nervous system responds by a stress versus no stress reaction.  You will see what causes your body the most stress, including viruses, chemicals, bacteria’s, parasites, and so much more.  If cost is an issue with you, our Biofeedback system Zyto, will provide you with great information, along with what supplements will help you the most!
Does your office take my medical insurance?  We do not file insurance claims.  However, you may contact your provider to see if any services and products provided are covered under your personal plan.
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