Dr. Kate Keville, DC and Dr. Jay Leidy, DC have over 30 years of hands on experience evaluating, identifying and eliminating the body's stressors so that you can live a life free from pain and suffering.  We utilize many methods to bring the body into a state of balance.  By using multiple modalities in conjunction with one another, we can effectively address patient needs and develop a healing protocol.  Below are just a few of the services Dr. Kate and Dr. Jay might utilize during a patient visit to bring your body into balance.




Suffering from allergies, food sensitivities or fibromyalgia like symptoms?  Or are you concerned about chemicals, toxins or other environmental allergens?  This exciting technology provides information on all of those and more!  ZYTO biofeedback software can determine what specifically is stressing a person’s body and the Set DB protocol can eliminate the sensitivity to the body’s stressors.  Set DB can effectively alleviate sensitivities related to allergies, fibromyalgia, chemicals and more! The initial ZYTO scan is completely FREE and will help you determine the right plan for your individual needs.

Individual Sessions - $65                                  10 Sessions for $500 ($150 savings)

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NIS is a system of investigation to both isolate and correct faults in the cellular signaling process derived from human neurological interaction - our action potential.  The action potential is what enables our body to communicate to every cell, under the control of the brain. Your brain is the coordinating centerpiece of our nervous system, conscious actions, thought processing, feelings, and memories.  In addition, it is responsible for automatic functions such as the heart, blood pressure, temperature, and breathing. Your sense of wellness is an expression of whether your brain is fully cognizant of all body systems.

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Our Doctors perform a comprehensive physical examination which will include checking over 200 organs, glands, infections, and much more locating imbalances in your body and designing a nutritional protocol to assist your body to a state of balance.  By focusing on the body as a whole, we are able to detect the root cause of your health issues and can design a care plan that will eliminate your body's stressors in order to achieve optimal health.




Our Doctors can provide specific recommendations on nutritional supplements and healthy food choices to enhance your overall wellness. Do you know which supplements and vitamins are right for you? Do you know how these supplements and vitamins interact with one another? We can provide a structured nutritional program based on your individual needs so that you can live, feel and be your best!


Nutritional Counseling


Advanced Chiropractic Care at the office of Dr. Kate Keville is a combination of multiple techniques and evaluation protocols to allow for proper Chiropractic adjustments. Using posture analysis, We will determine where the structural issues began, and provide a thorough plan of Chiropractic corrections to achieve optimal health.  Multiple sessions are the key to addressing and resolving structural issues.  Each session is tailored to the client’s specific needs in order to relieve pain and bring the body into balance.   Whether you need a simple adjustment plan to address acute issues or you need a comprehensive approach to overall wellness, we can help you on the path to being pain free!